There is no competition when your only goal

is to become yourself fully.

Anna is a talented coach who is offering new perspectives, skills and tools that will lead you into the depth of your authentic confidence and finding your calling. Her grounded and fierce tenderness is an inspiration and her passion for her clients' visibility and success is felt throughout her coaching sessions. I always felt in loving, tender and safe hands when coached by Anna which allowed me to get many breakthoughs and understanding of the blocks that were in my way to finding my way and standing in my authentic confidence.

Moranne Baillie | HR Director

Anna, your love and intention created a safe and sacred space for me to share my soul stories and connect at such a deep level. I have a true sense of self, connection and belonging like never before. It feels like I have come home. I also have a deep ‘knowing’ that life will never be the same again. This is the feeling that I have taken away and my heart is filled with joy.

I feel limitless and have found my way back to walking my soul’s true path. Since my work with Anna I’ve been able to fulfil on my dream of singing in front of an audience as well as teaching others to sing and find their authentic voice!

Jo Hamilton

I have had the pleasure and privilege of enjoying sessions with Anna to connect with my essence and to give myself permission to be seen even more with Anna’s support and encouragement. I deeply feel that Anna’s focus on soul stories, claiming your truth and fully becoming all that you’ve come here to be in this world is the magic that is needed in the world today.

Avalon Darnesh | Shamanic Birthkeeper

After a very challenging 6 months I found my way to Anna’s Soul Story retreat to connect deeper with myself and my writing. I did not anticipate the profound impact that the weekend would have on me, as two decades of emotions poured out of me and onto paper. This release has enabled me to move forward in a more courageous and purposeful way. I feel powerful and unstoppable. I will be eternally grateful to Anna for creating this sacred space. It was a life changing experience.

Miriam Walter Feiler | Founder of 40tothemax

Anna has a gift. This gift is the ability to inspire writing using words which reflect and move people to feel so deeply that they can no longer sit idle, moving beyond any barrier of fear, shame or resentment, to live a fully expressed life. Make no mistake, this lady will move heaven and earth to awaken you to your true calling and support you 150% of the way. Get ready to shine and fly higher than you ever dared possible. Hold on for the ride of your life with Anna as your guide.

Samantha Harris

The biggest shift I had after working personally with Anna, was turning towards feelings of discomfort rather than turning away from them, this process allowed me to discover why feelings have surfaced in my body and what they mean. Through working with Anna, I’ve been able to launch myself beyond time-table yoga teaching into developing and running my own workshops at Vet School. I’m no longer as fearful about stepping into visibility as I once was. The process Anna takes you through is so empowering, healing and transformational and there is no one more perfect to lead you through this journey than Anna. 

Belle Prunster | Yoga Teacher and Vet Student

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