The Voice of Visibility

Becoming visible is no longer just an option, it is non-negotiable.

It’s time to express our highest destiny and make our highest contribution. After years of hiding and playing small due to a disfiguring autoimmune condition affecting my skin, I made the decision it was no longer OK to be consumed by what others will think of me. I had to step into visibility and allow myself to be truly seen.

Ever since that day, I have been relentless about supporting others to break up the habit of hiding so they too can unleash their full potential, their big ideas and purpose-driven businesses and projects and make the world changing impact they’re here to.

I am here to help you discover what your highest contribution might look like and support you in making it visible! I will be there all the way as we shatter the inner glass ceiling that has been holding you back from expressing yourself and being seen!

My passion is to create a world where everyone thrives, everyone lives fully expressed, and everyone contributes.

Living a Fully Expressed Life

Anna Feldman, has overcome the unthinkable. Childhood abuse spanning almost five years and an incurable de-pigmentation disease called Vitiligo, something which forced her further into ‘hiding’ with a now physically visible disfigurement to add to her struggles.

Anna deeply believes that all women are unique and that within them is a story that deserves to be shared, life experiences that shape who they are, and voices that are not to be hidden. This is what it means to live fully expressed. Are you ready to share your story and create the impact you are born to?


Anna draws on over 10 years experience as a transformational coach co-facilitating programs with a focus on leadership, purpose and and personal empowerment.

With over 15 years experience teaching yoga worldwide, Ayurvedic lifestyle consulting and energy healing, she brings a wealth of spiritual tools, techniques and resources to motivate her clients to shift into the impulse to become all that they have come here to be.


Anna is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. She is a speaker, coach, writer and social media disruptor who would love nothing more than to see women embracing their true authentic voice and speak up about what they most want to share with the world!

After years of struggling with Vitiligo, a harsh condition that causes de-pigmentation of the skin, a disorder which is well known for its challenging cosmetic and psychological effects, she has been able to overcome deep seated body images issues and thrive online and in the media to share her message that we are unique and beautiful in our own way and must be non-negotiable in sharing our gifts with the world.

Anna is a leader of a fast-growing movement that is changing the way women think about their right to take up space, especially on social media. Her passion is to support women to overcome the hidden barriers that are holding them back from stepping into business leadership, visibility and living their most fully expressed life. She is a midwife of human potential and possibility and loves a good challenge to help others get clear on what their true purpose is and create a pathway to manifest it in the world so that they can make their greatest contribution.

Anna’s mission is to ensure that you do not die with your music still inside you.

Break the Habit of Hiding

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