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Anna Feldman draws on over 15 years experience as a Yoga Teacher, Transformational Coach and a Mentor for purpose-driven, heart centred women. She supports her clients to get the clarity and courage they need to become visible and fully self expressed. This transformational journey ensures they can go on to make their greatest contribution with their unique gifts, messages and soul calling. Sweet relief for conscious women seeking to live in non-negotiable alignment with their truth and highest destiny.

She has advanced training qualifications in (Ignite Your Spirit) Energetic Healing, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Therapy and both Bikram and Power Vinyasa Yoga, spanning over 15 years in the industry of wellbeing and personal growth. Anna is currently completing her final requirements for Advanced Coaching Training with Claire Zammit of Feminine Power.

She currently lives in the luscious coast of New South Wales with her husband and their 5 year old son. This is where she has established her international coaching business, retreats and VIP days, connecting women back to nature, themselves and their radiant essence. 


-Maya Angelou

When I first heard Maya Angelou’s words, I finally found the words to describe the burning pain and the gaping hole that I had been carrying inside of me for years. 

Despite spending over two decades investing in personal growth, trainings and over fifteen years teaching others to be the best they can be, I never felt safe to come out and share my story, let alone discover that it would set me free to do my life’s work and empower others to do the same!

It took me years to understand that it wasn’t necessary for me to be perfect and flawless or to have it all figured out before I could share my authentic self with the world and make the BIG impact that my soul knew I was here to make.

When the Fire for your Purpose,  

Becomes bigger than the Fire of your Fears,

Ironically, the story I had the most trouble sharing with others, was also the most visible and inescapable. I was twenty-five when my skin spewed out an autoimmune condition that ravaged my body from head-to-toe. It was as though all the emotional holding and suppression from the past had exploded onto my skin leaving me stained in white milky patches making it virtually impossible to hide and blend into the crowd!

Vitiligo woke me up to the fact that I had a choice. I could either let my perceived flaws and insufficiencies keep me playing small and hiding out or I could embrace my uniqueness, become the reference point for my own value and do the work I was born to do. I chose the latter!


My greatest passion is to 

 ensure that the most radiant 

 and authentic version of YOU

is fully expressed in the world.

Since that day I have devoted my life to supporting conscious, purpose-driven women, just like you to break free of self esteem issues and fear stories that have complicated the relationship to your own power and visibility. Only then can you fully manifest your vision into the world with clarity, courage and unstoppable momentum.

My mission is to amplify your brilliance and guide you into the deep work of shattering your last remaining fears so that you can come home to your body. To be seen and heard so that you can take up space in the world and fulfill your purpose of becoming yourself fully!

I believe that our one true purpose is to express our gifts and radiant light fully and become all that we came here to be! 

Regardless how big or small you feel your purpose is, your soul will never let you rest until you go all the way with revealing your truth!

By linking arms with me and thousands of other rising, passionate and REAL women, you too can experience the power of self generated confidence and the relief of living a deeply self-expressed life.


No more hiding. No more playing small.

No more being confused about your purpose or your gifts.

No more competing or imitating others.

Our world needs you exactly are you are, raw, real and radiant!

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