Gosh, aren’t we are SO SO blessed to have the opportunity to ponder what our unique IMPACT and CONTRIBUTION will be in this lifetime??

Not everyone will be inside of this conversation, but for those of us that are a stand for the non-negotiable full self expression of our gifts so that we can make the biggest difference we sense we are here to make, this one is for you!

Most of my clients are Yoga Teachers, Coaches and Healers. As a yoga teacher myself, I have been caught up in what I call the “Holistic Hamster Wheel”. Despite our best intentions, we still find ourselves in yet another version of the “I am not enough” syndrome. So we do more courses, trainings and workshops so that we can fill the insatiable hole of increasing our value in order to differentiate ourselves so that we can be fully self-expressed and make the contribution we are here to make.

We hire more business coaches, consultants and therapists. We create elaborate plans, vision-boards and strategies. We get more healings, releases, taps and needles, YET after all is said, done and paid for, many of us can be left feeling like there MUST be something wrong with us in that we haven’t managed to fully manifest the money, career, love or legacy we so deeply yearn for in our lives.

Let me say a few words about this.

  1. There is nothing wrong with YOU at all! Your desires to make the greatest contribution is HOLY!
  2. You have been trying to create something that has never been created before using an old system that does not work for what you most want to manifest in your life!
  3. You probably never had the role-models, parents or carers to create the conditions for you to embody what it’s going to take to create what you most desire! There is a gap in your development and that’s ok!

Up until now you have probably:

  1. Not gained crystal clarity about what your unique contribution is, so you’re on the hamster wheel, feeling confused about your next steps
  2. Not taken the risks that are necessary to become all you sense you are here to be nor have you had the right support!
  3. Not been asking yourself the right questions that will have you set your life on FIRE for your greatest contribution yet!

Let me assure you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Many of us are creating our lives inside of a misguided north-star!

More than 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune skin condition called Vitiligo. Over the 15 years it has ravaged my skin leaving white patches all over. I have one of the worst cases I have ever seen. I spent many years struggling with the cosmetic impact it was having on my body and my life, I spent many years playing small, dimming my light and reinforcing the old belief that I was simply not good enough or worthy enough to be a leader.

Along the journey to reclaiming my value, I have been blessed to have connected with incredible mentors and friends who reflected back to me my gifts and supported my vision for leadership and becoming the change agent I sensed I was always here to be. It took me years to get fully aligned with my true north star. Many businesses that I thought were my destiny, many careers and modalities that I thought were THE ONE! Until I realised that at the heart of my legacy lived my own manifesto, my personal experiences, challenges and obstacles that I have overcome. My Soul Story!

Today the Vitiligo only serves to fuel my fire for full self-expression and visibility, despite the way my skin looks. Every single day I wake up energized and clear about my role in mentoring other women on the leading edge who are still holding back their gifts because of lack of alignment and clarity, coupled with old stories, beliefs and behaviours that will keep crushing their dreams until they too say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

It took me years of inner and outer work to overcome my demons and discover a whole new way to EMBODY my value and contribution. A brand new way of showing up that is more ME than ever before! There are no short cuts and no one gets a free ride. Why would you ever want to! After all its your stories, reflections, values and hard-earned lessons that differentiate you from everyone else. No one can make the difference that only you have come here to make. Now it’s time to realise that desire, fully. This is non-negotiable work!

My heart literally hurts over the ideas that will never get shared, lessons that will never get taught, stories that will never get told, businesses that will never get started and transformation that will never occur because we fall into the deep crack of DOING.

Today, instead of doing more. Take a deep dive into your personal stories, what have you learned about yourself and others? What do you uniquely stand for? And from that inspired place you can ask yourself “what you are willing to do about it!?” Today and everyday!

Set your life on FIRE for what you most value, what you are uniquely here to share with the world in a way that only you can! You’re legacy depends on it!

Remember, that for some, you will be the only messenger that they will hear!

Namaste with Love Trail Blazers!!

Anna Feldman

Mentor for Yoga Teachers, Coaches and Healers

Creator of the 3 Month Live Your Legacy Mentorship

PS If this is resonating with you and you want to deep dive with me to discover your Soul Story and what is really holding you back from following your north star, I am offering a 30 min “Discover Your Soul Story” session where we will be able realign with your unique north star and start making the impact only you are here to make.

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PPS  Can’t wait to connect with you inside the most important conversation of your life!




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