In a world where we are popping out coaches, mentors and spiritual guides faster than hot buttery popcorn at the circus, we have to pause and ask ourselves, what makes for an authentic leader these days?


In these precarious times, the position of a ‘leader’ is no longer reserved to the domain of politics and religion, but has become a term of ‘responsibility’ for anyone wishing to claim their power and live up to it in their personal and professional lives.


We only have to look at the deeper significance of the recent elections in the USA to know that the appointment of Trump to presidency has caused millions to rise up and act on sleepy inner knowings in order to be the change that they wish to see in the world. We are seeing more people than ever before take a stand and become their own leader in the realisation that THEY are the ones they’ve been waiting for.


I choose to define a leader as “someone who is willing to accept radical responsibility for everything that is showing up in their lives. They burn to make a difference and become the person they sense they are here to be. Their focus is no longer just on themselves, but on serving their legacy by being fully visible, self expressed and self-actualised in their lifetime”.


With so many individuals, organisations and movements claiming a piece of the leadership pie, here are 5 postures to consider, as you rise into leadership and join others who light the way:


  1. Authenticity – In becoming a leader we must let go of the quest for perfection and instead turn towards embracing the gifts in our own imperfection with visibility and vulnerability. Until we practice closing the gap between who we think we should be and who we truly are, we will be forever be chasing someone else’s idea of what leadership is. In claiming your unique leadership, you must first show up as your authentic self. After all, you have the market cornered on being YOU!


  1. Truth Sharing – A leader has the capacity not only to fully claim their personal stories, life reflections and wisdom, but to walk in the world fearlessly sharing the light that shines from the deeper truth of what they have personally discovered. In a world of saturated messages, their stories and personal reflections are what differentiates them from the crowd. Whilst others out there might spout out unprocessed wisdom and knowledge, a legitimate leader speaks and teaches from experience.


  1. Empathy – In order for a leader to connect with the pain and struggles of others, they must first connect with those feelings within themselves. This is a step a true leader cannot afford to skip over. The ability to cultivate empathy is the ability to hold space for themselves with tenderness, compassion and honest reflection. If they never take the time and space to do so, then others may never feel completely safe to be vulnerable and authentic with them.


  1. Presence – The sign of a great leader is that they will always give you their full body and mind presence. When they listen, you can feel every attention particle on you even when you are not face-to-face. When they speak, their whole heart is in it as they respond to the moment with clarity and genuine expression. They don’t speak for the sake of it. Their words are full of intention and attention. Baron Baptiste says it perfectly in his book Journey Into Power, “you are now here or nowhere”. We want leaders who are here with us and with themselves too.


  1. Visibility – Authentic leaders are no longer hooked into the addiction for praise and approval outside of themselves. Regardless if they are choosing to express their leadership in the home or further afield in their work or business life, a true leader doesn’t hide what they have inside to share. They have found ways to move beyond their fear and insecurities. They leave themselves no choice other than to take up space to be heard and seen in alignment with the legacy that they yearn to live and leave.


Perhaps the most beautiful thing about being the leader you aspire to be is that there is no cap on the number of people who can claim the responsibility. There is no competition in the game of becoming the authentic leader nor is there a time that you clock-off the job. It’s not a destination, but rather an active choice of who we are Be-ing in each moment, everywhere. What I am speaking of here has nothing to do with position or power in the traditional sense. There is no pay rise for the leader you are becoming other than the greatest pay check of all, your full self actualisation in birthing your inner potentials and coming into full bloom.


You really are the one you have been waiting for!


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