Writing our Life Reflection Stories can bring up lots of intense emotions. Essentially we are taking the time to reflect on our past, re-live our history and write in a way that honours our struggles and triumphs, highlights and lowlights. Regardless of whether we have had a dysfunctional or healthy childhood, writing our soul words can be hugely therapeutic.

When I went to write my life reflection story sharing about my experience of being abused as a child, I felt the deep relief of having full disclosure about something that had been my “dirty” secret for many many years. I was amazed that there was no need to go into the details of the abuse itself, but rather focus on what I had discovered along the way and how the experience has shaped who I am today.

The reason I was able to write from my wisest, most resourceful self was because I had spent years before processing the events of my past getting the professional and spiritual help that I needed to move through the pain. Had I have written about my childhood from a place of unprocessed emotions where I felt I was still the victim of my circumstances, it wouldn’t have held the vibration, nor the legacy I would have wished to leave.

Legacy letter writing and Life reflection stories are therapeutic in many ways. They are a beautiful weaving of life lessons, insights, values and blessings that get fully realised when they are shared with the ones you love the most. As you write your legacy words it can feel as though you are calling all the fragmented parts of your history into alignment. Your own wise owl words can offer clarity on the complexities of life. When you are able to access the most resourceful parts of yourself, you can gain a truer understanding of your life and the bigger picture of how things intertwine. This can be a very healing and nurturing process.

For some, it simply will not be the right time to write a legacy letter or story. Usually your intuition will tell you what’s ready and ripe to share and what’s not. If you are still negatively emotionally charged about a particular event or person in your life, then it’s not the right time to write. If you feel you have been victimized or you are blaming something or someone then that subject is best to leave out of your written legacy. It takes great courage to seek the help we need to find inner peace, clarity and empowerment, but it’s well worth the effort. Your soul will know when it’s time to write. It will be from a place of compassion, accurate perception and deep wisdom that honors you and the ones you love.


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