What I’ve come to know is that unless we are willing to get vulnerable and risk being seen in ALL of our messy glory we will forever stay in the shadows of our illusions and prisoner to our fears. Do you really want to miss out on the juiciness that is possible when you share what you have come here to share?

The most inspiring teachers are the ones who reveal themselves completely. I absolutely LOVE listening to the late beloved Wayne Dyer and the hilarious Jim Carrey and the vulnerable Brene Brown and Elizabeth Glibert and so many more. Why? Because they openly share their stories with us! When they share what is most in their heart, they don’t seek my approval, they are not worried about how I might judge them or criticize them. Even if they do, they certainly wouldn’t let it stop them from sharing their truth and shining their greatest light so that we may feel less alone.

When Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, openly shared of her recent divorce to Felipe, the character we all swooned over and whom she fell in love with at the end of the book, she shows us that’s it’s ok to fail and try again. This is what she shares:

Here’s what I know now, after two divorces: Real life is messy. Indeed, the best, fullest lives are often lived by people who are not afraid of complication. Leaving an unfulfilling situation—whether it is a relationship or a job or a friendship—can be a sign of strength. It can be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life. It can open up your world to magic and love. It can teach you to see things differently and change your mind. It can allow you to become who you are meant to be, which is the greatest reward of all.

I love her wisdom and her courage to be fully visible in her unfolding story. She is right, real life IS messy and most of us try really hard to hide the messy bits of our story in spite of the deep yearning to be fully seen. I know, because that was me until not very long ago. I can tell you that the secrets, shame and fear we suppress and hold onto is so much more painful than the discomfort of breaking our stories, our truth and our message into the light.

In Jim Carrey’s speech to the graduates at the Maharishi University of Management, he reminds us in his most hilarious way, that we must let go of our armor and dare to be seen. This is the only way we can become all that we have come here to be. If this feels like you, someone who has a story, a message that must be heard, then don’t wait. Don’t die with your song stuck inside you. Get writing, speaking, singing, painting, teaching or anything that calls to you for sharing what is inside you that must share. For someone out there, you are the only messenger that they will hear!


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