Hello beautiful girl, yes I’m talking to you, to all who have carried the shame, when they knew…
bringing it in from lifetimes long gone, breathing new air into its familiar song, creating new pathways, making ourselves wrong…
My lifetime of shame came from an unwelcome friend, not mine but my parents, I so hoped it would end..
Being silenced and threatened by someone five times my size made it hard as a child to speak out and rise..
See I was already afraid to speak out of turn, for my mum was not up for my sad words that burned..
No one could hear my silent deaf screams, that woke me up from my frightening dreams…

Have you also been touched, been molested or raped? Have you had somebody wake up your hate?
It doesn’t matter the story, what matters it’s heard, that the secret is out, that the shame is out turned.
Where do you hide it, what is it doing, is it numbing you to the love coming through it?
The longer its silenced, just eating your tissues, playing your part in suppressing the issues.

Sisters, It’s time to rise together you see and risk a little vulnerability…
Don’t be a fool to think if you don’t, you can keep yourself safe or your children, you hope..
Its never been safer to heal your shame, for your shame was never yours to carry or blame..
Find your voice and go claim it, fuck everyone else, you’re the child of the goddess, go and liberate yourself..

because when you do, you give another permission to raise their hand and make an admission..
I am not perfect, and neither are you, we are part of the insanity, this human stew,
but today I know better, I’m older and wiser. Reclaiming my voice, my story, my rupturing geyser.
The cork has now popped, the stake’s in the sand, NOT on my body, NOT on this land.

In the words of Maya Angelou after being raped as a child,
You have permission to say STOP – Back Up – Embracing your WILD..
Don’t you know I am a child of GOD, Goddamit, This is NOT happening here..I won’t have it!

Take your beauty elsewhere, give it your love and affection, for it’s essence untouchable still needs your loving protection.
This is the the time to break past patterns and contracts, to incarnate in this body to pay debts and pay homage, to the goddess eternal who demands her respect.
And to give in return, she will not neglect,
Her duty, her dignity, her time to reflect.

Your Full self expression is begging of you, to name it, to write it, to shout out the shame bit.
Our dirty old secrets no matter how ugly, are ours and our precious just waiting our claiming
They’ve shaped us and taught us what’s no longer ok, as we take back our part and give up the charade.



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